Engineer your Bot under TradingView

"The Safety Order bot engine designed for TradingView"


Process any sequence of safety orders at any timeframe

The internal Safety Order engine works with Long or Short strategies.

Useful for backtesting and trading under TradingView

Used as backtesting it can estimate the past performance also of 3Commas DCA Bots for any Safety Order configurations. It can be used also to trade with TradingView broker (also free as HitBTC, Currency, Gemini, etc..).

Safety Order Size Panel

Coloured resume of the current percent size for Base and Safety Orders.

Deals Panel

Preview of Closed Deals by Satety Orders.

Trades Visualized by Deals

Each Trade label includes the number of deals and safety order.


Strategies and Take Profit

Setting panel for Take-Profit, Base Order and the first Safety Order.

Safety Orders

Setting panel for the maximum number of Satety Orders, the Price Deviation between two consecutive Safety Orders, the Volume Order Scaling and the Price Deviation Scale for each step.


A Basic, Pro, Pro+ or Premium TradingView profiles.

*BOUNCER and CROSS-RSI indicators are included for free use in all subscriptions.



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Access in 24h to Strategies and Indicators

Billed Yearly

Technical Support

Includes Upgrades


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Access in 24h to Strategies and Indicators


Billed in Bitcoin


Technical Support

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We only allow up to one 7-day trial before we have to refer customers to a purchase. All investing involves risk, don't invest more then you're willing to lose. Past results are not indicative of future results. 3cBotPlus website and its affiliates are not licensed financial advisors, brokers or dealers. We are not responsible for any liabilities arising from the result of you using our indicator. This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell.


Can I make more profit with 3BotPlus?

Yes. Compare yourself the past profit performance of your bot with and without use the 3cBotPlus optimized parameters. If the difference is huge, it is quite possible you can make more profit in the future.

How can I get a set of optimized bot parameters?

All bot parameters are included in the Properties panel of TradingView. The adopted short names are the same of the famous 3Commas DCA Bot Settings. The terms are quite the same but our internal Safety Order engine was developed 100% in pine script code.

Can I use external signals providers and indicators with 3cBotPlus?

Yes. The default membership includes a collection of 3cBotPlus scripts to cover the basic TA preset strategies and the original Cross-RSI indicator. We offer to our already members an extra option to access to the 3cBotPlus engine version for external indicator integration. In order to work, 3BotPlus engine requires at least a TradingView Pro account.

Do I have to use Cross-RSI indicator as signal provider?

Depends on you. We periodically publish successful configuration of Cross-RSI applied to some pair at some timeframe. You are free to copy, modify parameters and use Cross-RSI for any pair.

Can I suggest to add a new feature and a new signal provider?

Yes. We accept new features suggestion from our members and share with them our updates by Telegram group and emails. The support for a new signal provider is also periodically voted in the Telegram group.

What Does Lifetime Access Mean?

Lifetime access means you will receive access to the 3BotPlus scripts on TradingView for as long as TradingView allows indicators which we see indefinitly.

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